Glances is a cross-platform monitoring tool written in Python, designed to present a large amount of system monitoring information through curses or a web-based interface that dynamically scales to the size of the user interface, and is a top/htop replacement for GNU/Linux, BSD, Mac OS and Windows operating systems.

It works in client/server mode, remote monitoring can be done via terminal, web interface or API (XML-RPC and RESTful), and statistics can be exported to files or external time/value databases.

In addition to listing all processes and their CPU and memory usage, it can also display other information about the system

  • Network and disk usage

  • File system space used and total space

  • Data from different sensors (e.g. batteries)

  • and a list of processes that have recently consumed excessive resources


1.Installation of glances

apt install glances

2. Use of glances

Standalone mode operation:



Web Server Mode

glances -w

Monitor the local machine and start the RESTful server using the web interface,

Client / Server Mode:

glances -s


glances -c 

More information on the use of glances, optional parameter options, and use cases can be found at: glances -h for help.

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