electerm, a terminal connection tool, is open source on GitHub and has accumulated 6.3K+ Stars.


Functional features of electerm:

  • support Linux, Mac, Windows

  • Multi-language support

  • Support for adding quick commands

  • Support for batch input commands to be executed on one terminal or all terminals

  • As a terminal SSH / SFTP client (similar to Xshell)

  • Global hotkeys for switching windows

  • Double-click to edit remote files directly

  • Editing local files with the built-in editor

  • Authentication with public key + password

  • Sync bookmarks / topics / quick commands to Github / Gitee secret gist etc.

electerm Download and Installation


Download Address

Just download it from the above download address and find the operating system that is applicable to you. Because I use Windows system, I downloaded electerm-1.21.48-win-x64-installer.exe file, double-click it after download and install it.

Once installed, run electerm:


SSH connection

When you create a new ssh, you need to fill in the host IP address, username, password and port information and save it.

The title, description, start directory:local, start directory:remote, script to be executed after connection, delay time of running script and code can be filled in according to the actual situation.


In the settings menu, ssh and sftp are open by default, terminal type, font, font size, proxy IP, proxy port, proxy type, Auth and new quick command can be filled in according to the actual situation.



In addition, there's a transfer history, UI themes, quick commands, etc. For more on electerm go to GitHub or dig into its beauty with this client.

electerm terminal connection tool, the overall experience is not bad, completely open source and free, cross-platform support, can fully meet the daily management and use of the server.

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