pip install api-project-generator

Project description

API Project Generator

Simple API Structure Generator using tecnologies:

  • FastAPI
  • SQLAlchemy
  • aiohttp
  • aiomysql or asyncpg


  • create:api: Creates the project structure and base classes

    Optional --code option auto opens code through a code project_folder_name command. Optional --db-type option allows to select database type from "postgres" or "mysql". (default: mysql)

    api-project create
  • create:table: Creates a new table in file in {project_name}/database/tables/{table_module}/{table_file}.py

    api-project create:table [table_module] [table_name]
  • create:dto: Creates a new DTO file in {project_name}/dtos/{dtos_module}/{dto_name}.py

    api-project create:dto [dtos_module] [dto_name]
  • create:enum: Creates a new Enum file in {project_name}/dtos/enums/{enum_name}.py

    The auto-opts option in the command can be repeated and will be used as the enum field

    api-project create:enum [enum_name] --auto-opts [opt_name]
  • create:entity: Creates dtos, routes, repository and table for desired entity

    Optional --sync option allow to toggle between async repositories and routes or synchronous ones.

    api-project create:entity [entity_module] [entity_name]

keywords: pythonFastAPI