pip install docker-compose # docker-compose
wget https://github.com/vulhub/vulhub/archive/master.zip -O vulhub-master.zip # Source Code
unzip vulhub-master.zip && cd vulhub-master # Decompress
cd  zabbix/CVE-2016-10134  # Access to vulnerabilities/environments

docker-compose build # Compilation Environment

docker-compose up -d #Operating Environment

There is a README document in each environment directory, please read this document for vulnerability/environment testing and usage.

After testing, use the following command to delete the environment

docker-compose down -v

VulApps target machine environment deployment


docker pull medicean/vulapps:s_struts2_s2-037
# Get Mirror

docker run -d -p 80:8080 medicean/vulapps:s_struts2_s2-037
# Create and start the container

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