django-q tutorial

About Django-Q A multiprocessing task queue for Django Quick Start Installation pip install django-q Add to INSTALLED_APPS INSTALLED_APPS = (     # other apps     'django_q', )

Creating APIs for Django apps

installation pip install django-tastypie Api In terms of a REST-style architecture, the "api" is a collection of resources. In Tastypie, the Api gathers together the Resources & provides a nice way to use them as a set. It handles many of the URLconf det

Django allows cross-domain

Installing django-cors-headers Installation via pip: pip install django-cors-headers Django project settings settings After the installation is complete, you need to set up some settings: INSTALLED_APPS = [

Caches your Django ORM queries

Quick start Requirements Django 2.2, 3.1-3.2 Python 3.6-3.9

django run script

Runs a script in the Django context

Three ways to use Django include()

Three ways to use include() 1.include(module, namespace=None) 2.include(pattern_list) #Most commonly used 3.include((pattern_list, app_namespace), namesapce=None)

"Log in as user" for the Django admin.

Installation pip install django-loginas loginas supports Python 3 only, as of version 0.4. If you're on 2, use pip install django-loginas==0.3.6 Configuring Add the loginas app to your INSTALLED_APPS: # INSTALLED_APPS = [... 'loginas', ...]

django honeypot

Installation pip install django-admin-honeypot Usage Basic setup Add admin_honeypot to INSTALLED_APPS in

django importing and exporting data

Installation pip install django-import-export django-import-export  is a Django application and library for importing and exporting data with included admin integration. Features: support multiple formats (Excel, CSV, JSON, ... and everything else that

django-jazzmin , that utilises AdminLTE 3 & Bootstrap 4 to make yo' admin look jazzy.

Jazzmin Features Drop-in admin skin, all configuration optional Select2 drop-downs Bootstrap 4 & AdminLTE UI components Search bar for any given model admin Modal windows instead of popups Customisable side menu Customisable top menu Customisable user men