fastapi body fields

Body - Fields The same way you can declare additional validation and metadata in path operation function parameters with Query, Path and Body, you can declare validation and metadata inside of Pydantic models using Pydantic's Field. Import Field First

fastapi background tasks

You can define background tasks to be run after returning a response. This is useful for operations that need to happen after a request, but that the client doesn't really have to be waiting for the operation to complete before receiving the response

Google adverts for django-cms

install pip install djangocms-ads Provides plugins to add ad slots to the <head> tag and then a plugin to create the advert element in the page content. Plugin templates can be extended using the DJANGOCMS_ADS_TEMPLATES setting

API Generator

Project description API Project Generator Simple API Structure Generator using tecnologies: FastAPI SQLAlchemy aiohttp aiomysql or asyncpg

graphene elastic

Graphene Elasticsearch/OpenSearch (DSL) integration

FastAPI Keycloak

Installation pip install fastapi_keycloak Quickstart In order to just get started, we prepared some containers and configs for you. 1. Configure the Containers

fastapi jwt

FastAPI native extension, easy and simple JWT auth

Sanic GraphQL

install  pip install Sanic-GraphQL Usage Use the GraphQLView view fromsanic_graphql from sanic_graphql import GraphQLView from sanic import Sanic

sanic crud

sanic_crud is a REST API framework for creating a CRUD (Create/Retrieve/Update/Delete) API using Sanic and PeeWee You can use sanic_crud to automatically create an API from your PeeWee models

django admin registration Tests for various ways of registering models with the admin site. from django.db import models