What does join mean in python?

Python has two functions .join() and os.path.join(), which do the following: . join(): Concatenate string arrays. Concatenates the elements of a string, a tuple, and a list with the specified characters (separator) to generate a new string os.path.join()

Add new content to the python dict

Adding new content to a dictionary is done by adding new key/value pairs, modifying or deleting existing key/value pairs as in the following examples

How to delete elements in python dict

clear() method is used to clear all the data in the dictionary, because it is an in-place operation, so it returns None (also can be interpreted as no return value)

python crawler how to get cookies

Cookie, refers to the data (usually encrypted) that some websites store on the user's local terminal in order to identify the user and perform session tracking. For example, some websites require login to access a page, before login, you want to grab the

Implementing reverse proxies with Django only

When you think of reverse proxies, you say nginx. nginx is the ideal reverse proxy tool. But now the conditions are tough. The server doesn't have nginx and doesn't have root privileges, which means you can't compile and install nginx, and only one port,

How OpenCV tracks objects in video

Each frame of the video is a picture, tracking an object in the video, decomposition down, in fact, is to find that object in each frame of the picture.

OpenCV: pixel editing, geometric transformations, code optimization, some mathematical tools

Learn to read and edit pixel values, use image ROI and other basic operations. The four main points are as follows: Accessing pixel values and modifying them Accessing image properties Set the region of interest (ROI) Splitting and merging images

OpenCV: Introduction and installation, basic operation of images and videos

I've been learning OpenCV recently, and I'll attach the code that I can run directly here, so hopefully it will help people learning OpenCV. Content: Introduction to OpenCV Installation of OpenCV Image opening/saving Video/camera opening, frame opera

MoviePy, automatic editing of tiktok videos using Python

I recently saw a Github project where the author wrote a script to automatically generate tiktok videos using Python, and it's getting a lot of buzz.

FastAPI interface flow limitation

Without interface flow limiting, it may lead to server load imbalance, brute force password cracking, malicious requests, extra server charges, denial of service attacks, etc. Therefore it is necessary to do a good job of interface flow limiting.